Born in 2006, valentina bandera architect studio it proposes as a new professional and creative answer as a support to the architectural design in all its facets.

From the origin of concept to the final design of the furnishing element, the young and qualified team of the studio employs creativity and technology to the customer's service and demand, to guarantee a final product which is the evidence of a high design quality.

The working group's framework and the services offered meets the needs of privates, searching for new image identity or simply technical support, and the needs of professional and design studios, who search partners for their projects.

valentina bandera studio


I'm an architect and interior designer with a great passsion for illustration, graphic illustration and architectural illustration. Experience, comunication, and great professionalism are my most interesting skills. My purposeful and peculiar nature pushes me to find inspiration and motivation to test new techniques and technologies. My sense of color and my care for detail, connected to my training, leads me through the graphic techniques evolution, the discovery of the digital drawing world and its application on the interior design. Innovation and originality are my keywords.


The Director of the Studio provides the daily support to internal and external collaborators, made by architects, designers and suppliers who can provide all the services needed to the accomplishment of a project. The Management is responsible for every project from the design to the delivery of it.

valentina bandera studio


It all starts from within our Studio, where architects and designers work together to develop solutions. Our approach comes from our creative souls, from the beauty and colors of our land.

From our culture we can express the power of our ideas, for a sustainable architecture and design for the future urban environments.

Every design starts with a new thinking, sharing the ideas that leads into a taylor-made project.

The design is managed by our small team, who provides the direction through all the process, ensuring continuity and efficiency throughout.

valentina bandera studio

Italian TAYLOR-MADE Products

Valentina Bandera STUDIO has a plus, we can deliver fine and authentic Italian products.

Our network of suppliers and artisans can satisfy every need. In our projects we carefully choose the products that better combines each other, and if necessary we make them taylor-made.

We promote Italian design and creativity, satisfying and serving every Customer. Wherever it is.

valentina bandera studio