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The added value of our design is in sustainable solutions

Valentina Bandera STUDIO is driven by the assurance that the quality of a project is linked to the quality of life: design objects, houses, buildings, workplaces, a good architecture makes a better quality of our lives. Only with a sustainable architecture, even for a large scale of infrastructure, we keep human beings and their needs in focus, give them an architecture that adds value. Design and project in that way help us to realize buildings and houses that are physically and culturally in symbiosis with the context they are dip in. Our experience and a constant work close to our Clients to find the right solutions is the key that forge our experience in residence, commercial spaces, hotel and resort facilities, restaurant, space planning and interior design.



For our team the architectural experience has no limit in time: every project leaves an impression long after the visit has ended.

Our idea of project born and grows from this specific point of view and because of this we design places built around peoples. Where people long to return to feel one more time the emotions that colors, surfaces and lights are able to communicate.

We design places and spaces where people want to return, where people can escape from the world outside and find different perception. Out of the ordinary.



Clever and environment-friendly places

Design people daily life and confort is something to be done with sensitivity, humility, and the will to create the very best. That is why our long term view helps us to create lasting enjoyment for people who lives in our homes. From family houses to mid-size apartment and condominium, new construction or rebuilding, only by the respect for environment, landscapes and spaces we can assure to people modern and comfortable homes.



Design spaces dedicated to commerce means thinking of a place where objects, people and functions coexist in harmony with each other. The marketing needs, combined with the functionality of the spaces are the hub of retail design. Cutting-edge technology and impact settings complete the experience and success of images impressed in the visitor's memory.


Interior design

Object reflects our identity in space, and a project is completed only in a fusion between space and objects.

Living a space means to feel all the elements that are part of it: colors, shapes and lights. Architecture experience is complete when you create an identity and is made by giving the design both an outside and an inside face of a building. It all start with a a close contact to the client, reflecting the character in the planning of a space. All the components of a room will be balanced around and will have the power to tell the story of a person.

A good architect through the Client's needs reflect brand, support business and impact on everyday life. Private residences, office space, retail space, hotel rooms and more are the fields we can cover. The matter of drawing and the quality of environments and furnishing design are needful to give to the interior project what only the search for the detail can give.

interior design


Architectural design is the way a design comes to life, drawing lines to tell a story of a project and how it grown. The illustration tells the space as it is in the architect's mind, whatever is the environment. Houses, buildings or workplaces, line after line the nature and the shape of a project comes to the final overview. Volumes, colors, shadows and textures are gently slide over the paper showing its real face and its deep soul.

The perfect fusion between digital a traditional, between art and technology, these elements are the valentina bandera studio's business card. Drawings and graphic performance's high quality connected to the attention for the details makes the architectural illustration clear, fast and immediate to ensure a simple and accurate communication between the people around a development of a project.

architect illustration