…the green technology apt to elevators.

The Leaft design concept arises from the need to create an elevator booth characterized by high quality levels, maximizing its ergonomics, ease of use, aesthetics, all without neglecting the search for innovative shapes and materials. The idea behind the development of the project is part of Ecodesign, as the choice of materials to be used has been taken into account in the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the project, ie the environmental impact that their use has since its production, during use and up to disposal; It has therefore opted for materials and semi-finished products that are easily re-usable or recyclable and with low energy consumption at all stages of life in order to propose for the lower Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of the entire lift system.

The organic lines that make up the design of the Leaft booth communicate with each other in an elegant way without any superficial embellishment, through the design of a lift cabin that meets current market demands such as technology innovation, functionality, communication and energy efficiency, but without complicating the complexity with unnecessary elements.








Project Type

Product design

Collaboration with

Eng. Sonia Lupica Spagnolo