CALIQUE...the bar for Barrique

Winning project at the Wine Town contest 2011 in Florence, 1st prize.

The presented project arises from the desire to recall in the lines of the barrique bar structure one of the shapes linked to wine, the chalice.

Fundamental tool, in order to better capture the organoleptic characteristics of the wine therein contained.

The goblet curves and shapes are redesigned to accommodate the barriques, accompanying wine not only during tasting, but also during fermentation and the refining process.

CALIQUE is the structure build to hold wine in the cellars, as if ideally taste it even through its permanence in the barrique. Its modularity and the ease of assembly and disassembly, allow to organize the cellar in a quikly, optimized and versatile way. In addition to the shape design and in harmony with the chalice concept, the project shows a complete analisys of the placement of the barrique, which needs appropriate distances between the barriques, in both the configurations. In line and in a pyramid layout.

CALIQUE it is not only a structure for barriques that gives an added value to the cellar design, but a useful instrument to facilitate the operations through the wine aging inside its wood.





Wine Town



Project Type

Product design

Collaboration with

Eng. Sonia Lupica Spagnolo