Calique System


Seat system product design.

The Calique project is born from the will to create a trail of union between design and tradition, able to enchant the charm of waiting in a decorative element of great impact that valorizes public exercises such as wine bar and lounge bar, but also simple wine cellars or entire structures tourism related to the world of wine.

The varsatility of the product makes it easy to use in different contexts, the particular shape allows application both as a modular element of great aesthetic impact as a single element of furniture in two different variants.

In the lines of the Calique structure is resumed one of the forms linked to wine, the chalice, a key instrument to capture the organoleptic characteristics of the wine contained in it: the curves of the glass are redesigned to accommodate both the barrels of wine (in the "barrique contain" configuration, which gives the name to the project itself) and the users whodrik the wine (int the the stool or chair configuration).

The Calique system is part of a design concept that combines the production phase with the tasting / consuming phase, so that the consumer is conceptually closer to the production and product development stage. From the barrique contain structure, starting point of the analysis and the developed project, the system becomes a seating element (stool or chair).

To distinguish the 3 applications presented in the Calique System, C225 codes are used for the barrique contain element, C45 for the chair and C80 for the stool.





Decò Ter



Project Type

Product design

Collaboration with

Eng. Sonia Lupica Spagnolo