Cevi Blu

Design of Ceramic Decoration

for the Cevi Blu "Design of Author" competition (2012)

The presented decoration is developed by the natural element that most represents Vietri and the Amalfi Coast: the sea. Water is the prime presence and strength of the territory, made unique by its colors, its facets, its continuous movement and its role, which is of primary importance for the development of trade and the interchanges between populations.

The idea of introducing the water element inside the buildings, both private and public, in the form of decoration is born from the intention to give new significance to a pre-existence taken for granted and in need of new valences.

Water is conducted in the environments through the effects of its simplest and conceptual form: the drop. The representation of the cause-effect passage and action and reaction resolves in the analysis of the geometric shapes contained in the drawing of the circles in the water, their multiple centrality, their movement and their directions.

Continuous motion and expansion are represented by a nearly incomplete drawing if subjected to a first surface analysis. The design is synthesized to its primordial form, its simplicity and conceptual soul are sought in a few signs that encapsulate the history and traditions of places where, ever since, only one drop can be an integral part.







Nocera Superiore - SA

Project Type

Product design