Draft Book

Selected project for Draft Book Geberit 2014 (2nd edition)

Draft Book Geberit is a communication format dedicated to architects and designer, promoted by Geberit in cooperation with SignDesign agency.

Functionality, sensory, privacy and design are the main keywords of SURFACES, bathroom concept developed around the water theme.

Split in two macro-areas that emphasize functions, the project aims as solution suitable to meet practical and privacy needs, makes the sensory factor its strength: water becomes the leading actor involving all our senses thanks to the advanced technologies that allows life inside the different areas, in which it can express at the best its ecletic nature.

Developed around the matter-function relationship, SURFACE is thought for the home users, but its design on a square base can be repeatable and modular making it suitable for any solution related to contract and hospitality projects.

Water becomes the core around which all the ambience activities/functions spin, and the synthesis that change surfaces and emphasizes functions.

Walls involved in the conversion process change its aspect becomes translucent surfaces, makes a continuous change between matter and perception.








Project Type

Product Design