Sleeping Beauty

Nature gives you a cradle...

...wherever you are.

Sleeping Beauty is the concept for the bed that is created by the overlapping of different surfaces in their intrinsic language, having their own maternal identity highlighted by textures, lines and volumes that make real the object of furniture.

The evocative name deliberately invokes the fairy tale in which the dreamlike dimension seems to be fleeting and impalpable, because fairy tale and dream are places where nature and imagination play together to invent new unexplored but familiar forms in wakefulness.

Sleaping Beautyu is the decorative element of the distinct personality that plays a key role in the dimension of home space, thanks to the movement of its shapes designed to give the volume a monumental lightness. The observer is fascinated by the observation that, from the ground in the dynamism of the redrawing of his veins, the wood begins to fluctuate lightly becoming an ideal and natural cradle where dreams are born and lived.

Designed as a freestanding element, it is ideal both as an undisputed fulcrum of large spaces and positioned against the wall, without giving up the originality of its shapes.

The structure, very simple and minimal, is composed of two elementary volumes that interpenetrate and support one to another: an inner, inferior, pure and simple solid support volume (perceived as a basic element), and the outer one, superior and suspended on the former almost as if to be dematerialized in space.

The sinuous shapes that characterize it give dynamism to a design object that, by definition, should communicate staticity and solidity: and here the dream and reality meet in a place and dimension destined for dreams.





Riva 1920



Project Type

Product Design

Collaboration with

Arch. Davide Corti, Arch. Luca Benassai