Concept design for a freestandign tasting table

TASTE is the concept for a freestanding table designed for wine tasting and intended for wine bars, cellars and wine and food venues.

It is born from the geometries of the natural elements from which comes the wine and their reinterpretation in design. The concept is developed by analyzing the relationship between wine in its most primitive form (the vine) and the consumer/taster, synthesized in the formula:


TASTE is designed for tasting up to 5 glasses of wine, placed in as many concave circular end joints and distributed on the stand. Their layout and their availability on three sides of the horizontal plane is a reference to the organic lines of the vine and its natural shapes: no mathematical rule determines the position of the chalices, just like the fruits of the plant that mature where the exposure ease the process of maturing and developing.

The visible texture on the raised plate is the product of the stylization of a five lobes pampin composition, characteristic of the vine so as to obtain a "green wall" stone. The realization of this element is achieved by the abrasive cutting of water, a technique that allows precision machining of different types of material, even at homogeneous density and thickness up to 150 mm, without affecting its physical properties. This feature combined with the ease of programming the cut, the low cost and versatility of the operation allows a wider range in the final choice of the material in line with possible market demands: custom colors and variants.








Project Type

Product design